2000 Watts Later….

Today was a landmark day for my 2.5kW photovoltaic (PV) solar panels with the generation meter reading over 2000 units for the first time. The 14 180W mono chrystalline panels were installed on the 15 April 2010 and have performed well over the summer of 2010 and now have reached the landmark 2000kW in less than a year. On the 15 of January the reading was 1995.6kW just shy of the magic 2000. As it has been very cloudy for the last week or so output was sluggish but the sunshine has helped today!

Output figures for another installation in the South West of England have been recorded in this Solar Photovoltaics blog for the last year. The results are for a 3.96kW system and are a useful set of figures to help people see what they may expect. My system was estimated to produce around 2100kWh per annum so hopefully should exceed this target by April. Watch this space.

Solar photovoltaics are a clean renewable source of energy that are relatively easy to install in urban environments providing there is a clear view of the sky to the south. Most towns and cities have acres of roof space that could be utilised for generating this clean energy.

Update 19/02/2010 – today the magic 2100kWh figure was passed.


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