March Update

The March update includes the following:

New Cable From Iceland?
A new electricity cable from Iceland to Europe may get the go-ahead if Landsvirkjun, the Icelandic energy company, gets its way. The cable would export Iceland’s abundant renewable power resources to Europe through a 745 mile long cable. Apart from the huge export of electricity the cable would be the longest sub-sea cable in the world. See the Yahoo story here. This development would help Iceland and provide a plentiful supply of renewable energy to the rest of Europe.

Super Moon Earthquake Link?
With the sixth largest earthquake in Japan today there is a theory that links large earthquakes to the position of the moon. Next week the moon passes close to the earth’s orbit: the closest it will have been since 1992. In this link it is claimed that the lunar pull may affect the “earth-tides” that may trigger larger than normal earthquakes. The earthquake in Japan has caused huge disruption including the tsunami that has destroyed houses, industry, an airport and everything else in its path. Some powerful images of the damage and fires caused may be viewed here on the BBC website.

Solar Update
On 8 March 2011 the generation total reached 2200kWh from my 2.5kW system. This has exceeded the total output estimated for the year of 2100kwh (the anniversary will be on the 15 April). Bring on the sun!

OpenStreetMap Quality
I have been quality assuring the city of Exeter with help from ITO! World’s OSM Analysis tool. This neat tool compares OpenStreetMap data to that of Ordnance Survey and checks any differences in road names. What it shows, quickly and clearly, are differences exist. It highlights a colourful box on a background map image. I have checked the names and found a few typing and input errors, by yes myself!, and also found where the Ordnance Survey name is incorrect.

There is a useful league table, by local authority in the UK, and Exeter is rising up the league with 98.89% of streets correctly matching or having alternative OS names provided, where they differ from the actual street signs on the ground. Hopefully Exeter will be fully complete and at 100% soon. OpenStreetMap is generally more complete here with new housing estates being added to the map as soon as access becomes available.

ITO! World OSM Analysis Tool

View of the ITO! World OSM Analysis Tool

The ITO! World Analysis tool in action showing the Exeter boundary and mistakes in the surrounding areas that need attention.

Sustainable Transport Round-up
We have cargo bikes – an alternative to HGVs? Maybe not, but a neat concept anyway. See an example here at the Bullitt website.

The Great Western mainline railway looks to be electrified to South Wales, but only Cardiff and not to Swansea. The story is here on the BBC website. There may be an option to electrify the busy Valley network. This is good news but still leaves the western extremities without a good sustainable railway powered by electric.

And finally… food from the sky?
Here is a fantastic grass route transition project that involves the community growing produce. It is no ordinary scheme as it uses a supermarket roof. For full details see Food From The Sky


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Geographical practitioner with an interest in climate change, open mapping, sustainability, the transition movement, transport and many other things.
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