Solar Outputs

On the 15th of April it was the first anniversary of my solar panels being installed. The government guidelines suggested that the 2520kWh system should generate around 2100kWh of power over the course of a year: in fact it has exceeded expectations and generated 2521kWh for the year. Quite impressive. It has saved 1.636 tonnes of carbon dioxide being emitted to the atmosphere, generated a maximum output of 2839 watts and worked for 3965 hours in total. The South West of England seems to be a good place for solar power generation. The year has been particularly good so perhaps next year will not be as bright?

As an update for previous posts, a total of 2300kWh was reached on the 22/3/11, 2400kWh on the 2/4/11 and 2500 on 12/4/2011. As the sun gets higher the output is rising.


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Geographical practitioner with an interest in climate change, open mapping, sustainability, the transition movement, transport and many other things.
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