Electric cars stall? & other stories

Electric Car Sales Stall

A recent survey suggest electric car sales have stalled in 2011. The government plug-in car grant has only had 106 takers during the third quarter of 2011. In the first quarter of the year 465 grants were given out with that falling to 215 in the second quarter of the year. Whilst this should be the favoured transport of the future it appears that the sales have not got off to a good start. Perhaps the high cost and limited range is restricting the uptake of the cars or is it the restricted charging infrastructure? (source: Independent 22 October 2011).

Ecotricity are trying to address the latter point by offering several charging stations at motorway service stations. They have built several motorway charging stations as detailed on this link.

Ecotricity motorway charging points

Electric car charging stations by Ecotricity

Oldbury Power Station Closure

Just as we need to be replacing our ageing power stations the world’s oldest nuclear plant will stop generation in February 2012. The plant will be 44 years old and is at Oldbury on the River Severn (source: Independent 22 October 2011). Nuclear power is a significant power source with low emissions and suitable base load to help power the electric cars and other electric transport in the future.

Nuclear does have other issues as we have seen from the nuclear power station crisis in Japan and the long-term safe disposal of the waste generated. There seem to be more power stations set to close over the next 10 years than there are opening: a sure sign of a significant emerging energy gap.


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