Drought And Trade Wars


The UK has had a very dry spring and there is talk of a hosepipe ban in the South East of the country. The last few days have been very unseasonal with temperatures up to 20 degrees Celsius. Whilst the sunshine is proving good for getting tourists out and about there is a more worrying aspect: agricultural production. The concern is that the Environment Agency will be imposing restrictions on the ability to irrigate crops. This is quite likely in the East. A cumulative dry period of over a year has led to this situation. February and March have seen a well below average rainfall in England: mainly the Southern half of the country. Scotland is not so much affected. Yorkshire has been affected, notably the south and east of that county.

Climate change may be to blame. Parts of North America have been unseasonally warm and mild weather that is affecting up to parts of Canada.

Is this going to be a new pattern of mild late and early seasonal periods with high or well above average temperatures?

Trade Wars

China has threatened to stop buying Airbus aeroplanes after the EU Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) imposed tax on aviation fuel from January. China has banned its airlines from taking part in the EU scheme which is designed to charge any airline, where flights begin or end in Europe, for the price of carbon should the airline’s quota be exceeded. Airlines will record their emissions this year and have potential charges imposed from 2013.

In a separate move the USA has imposed a levy on Chinese solar panels after it accused China of dumping them on the world market. America accuses China of allowing unfair subsidies and also is looking to a strategic energy future to safeguard its solar industry.

These trade wars are just beginning and could be the start of more disputes?


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