1 In 1000 Year Events

1 In 1000 Year Flood In Boulder, Colorado

The recent flooding in Boulder, Colorado follows on from extreme wild fires during the summer. This extreme weather should remind us all of the power of anthropogenic climate change that we are now experiencing. We cannot continue to expect a climate that we are used to: we will be experiencing these often horrifying events that often disrupt communities or worse. The fact there were several casualties hints at the worse in this case. Thousands of others were stranded by flood waters.

The geography of some of the area affected the flood hazard: Colorado’s mountains mean that the region is flood-prone but recent wildfires exacerbated the situation especially near Boulder and Fort Collins which were the two areas hardest hit by flood waters. Forest clearance had led to greater localised water runoff. Urban areas, where there is an abundance of impenetrable surfaces, also were badly hit: here water has to runoff the as it cannot soak into the ground.

Some of the affected areas have reportedly received more than 43 centimetres of rain in the six-day storm event. This amount exceeds the arid state’s average annual rainfall by more than 13 centimetres. Further information is provided on the New Scientist web site.


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