South Devon Railway Landslip

South Devon Railway Landslip

A further example of extreme weather over the festive period has caused a major landslip on the South Devon Railway line. It was caused after an intense storm over the Christmas period. The average rainfall for December is around 118mm. This year, in a six day period 128mm of rain has fallen in the area. The landslip has blocked the single line preserved railway which has had to cancel services. Back in 2012 there had been a record number of landslips and landslides due to the increasingly heavy rainfall events associated with climate change. This is one of these, apparently, more frequent events that is likely to bring disruption to transport and property.

An engineering assessment will reveal how much work is required to clear the estimated 500 tons of debris and get services back and running again. The slip has brought debris and trees across the line. Pictures can be viewed on this link here.

The South Devon Railway landslip is one of several that have affected railways and preserved railways in the UK. Others have affected the Severn Valley Railway, The Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway, The Wensleydale Railway and the Spa Valley Railway. The Wensleydale Railway has also had to cancel services in response to an embankment collapse.


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