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Sustainability Opportunities: Post Covid-19

Global Re-Structuring Opportunities The international Covid-19 or coronavirus pandemic could provide society with opportunities to adapt for the better in the long term. Over the last few months there have been improvements in the air quality with fewer fossil fuels … Continue reading

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Climate Change In The Courts And Climate Tipping Points Imminent?

This month there have been two notable court cases involving climate change. One was against the fossil fuel company ExxonMobil about allegedly misleading investors over the value of its assets. The second court case was brought by a charity, Urgenda, … Continue reading

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Extreme Wildfires & Global Uprising

Globally 2019 has been an extreme year for wildfires around the world. Siberia has seen many fires covering a huge area whilst near Los Angeles the Getty fire is threatening homes. There is also a growing global protest movement in … Continue reading

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