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Megatrends, Solar Trains and World’s Largest Battery

Megatrends An interesting article from the Guardian newspaper highlights seven megatrends that could benefit global society in the future as well as leading to reduced carbon emissions across the planet. The trends are mostly positive examples of how global society … Continue reading

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International Agreements Succeed

World’s Largest Marine Nature Reserve Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) has agreed to a vast marine protection area in the Ross Sea, Antarctica. The joint USA/New Zealand proposal will establish a 1.55 million km2 special protection area (the … Continue reading

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The Beast: Canada’s Wildfire The early May major “wildfire” in Alberta’s northern region which spread into Fort McMurray has been nicknamed “The Beast” (see this Guardian news article). The fire grew rapidly within a few days and, due to the … Continue reading

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Mapping Pollution & Carbon Dioxide Rapid Increases

Mapping Pollution from Space Over the last few decades there have been many projects that have been monitoring pollution and gathering environmental information from satellite technology. One example is the NASA Aura spacecraft that is monitoring air quality on a … Continue reading

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Tragedy of the Air Common

Air Quality European and other countries are experiencing very poor air quality. China, as a well cited example, is experiencing far worse air quality making it difficult to travel around Beijing on days when the air quality is particularly bad. … Continue reading

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Rapid Deforestation And Turkey Under Pressure

North Anatolian Fault Under Strain? The North Anatolian fault in Turkey has gone quiet: this fault has been, and will continue to be, a major source of powerful earthquakes over the decades. It is ones of the world’s most energetic … Continue reading

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Electric World?

Plugged In Fleets Initiative An Energy Saving Trust strategic research report, the plugged-in fleets initiative, considers the benefits of electric vehicle fleets to business. There is a financial as well as environmental benefit to running fleets of electric vehicles, but … Continue reading

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