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Revisiting The Stern Review – Part 2

Revisiting The Stern Review (Part 2) Last month’s blog post presented part 1 of an overview of the Stern Review which was originally published back in 2006. This month sees the conclusion of the synthesis of the review. The Stern … Continue reading

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Revisiting The Stern Review – Part 1

Revisiting The Stern Review (Part 1) This month sees part 1 of a review of the first three parts of the six part Stern Review. The review looked at the economics of climate change. The blog post will be concluded … Continue reading

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Crisis In Venezuela

Venezuela: Political or Environmental Crisis? Venezuela has been suffering recently. Is it a political, economic or environmental crisis though? Venezuela has the world’s highest inflation rate at 180% and there are shortages of basic goods as well as power shortages. … Continue reading

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European Woes

New Austrian Crisis? Much has been written about the crisis in Greece, there has been problems with the state of the Ukrainian economy and now there has been an Austrian bank collapse. The bank based in Carinthia, Austria needs around … Continue reading

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European Fiscal Union and more

European Fiscal Union The recent events of the UK vetoing the EU Treaty for Fiscal Union presents us with the risk of the two-tier Europe that is now complicated by one that is not only two-tier within the Euro Zone … Continue reading

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November Update

7 Billion and Rising… The world’s population has passed the 7 billion mark and is rising. Growth is variable by continent and some of the areas where there are water shortages or constraints are seeing the most rapid population growth. … Continue reading

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Core-Periphery Europe?

Euro Crisis Written in January 2011 Estonia has just adopted the Euro as it’s currency in January. It comes at a time of uncertainty and debt within the Eurozone and around Europe in general. It started with Iceland in 2008, … Continue reading

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