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Plastic Island & Falling Cost Of Offshore Wind Power

Henderson Island – Plastic Oceans Henderson Island is a remote small elevated coral atoll island in the eastern South Pacific. The island is one of the few atolls in the world whose ecology has been practically untouched by a human … Continue reading

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Renewable Microgrids Benefit Communities

Island Renewable Hope The Rocky Mountain Institute has produced a paper on renewable energy microgrids to highlight how island economies can benefit from renewable energy systems. A microgrid can be defined as small electricity grid system which supplies an island … Continue reading

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Managed Retreat and Other Stories

Coastal Re-alignment The increasing risk of coastal flooding from rising sea levels and storm surges is being tackled in the south of England through a “managed realignment” coastal plan. The plan is to move flood defences inland and gradually let … Continue reading

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Olympic Legacy

With the Olympic Games in full swing in London, there is a sustainable legacy that it should leave behind. The games have been planned to ISO20121, the international standard on sustainability in event management, that will potentially be part of … Continue reading

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