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Engineering Prospects: North-European Enclosure Dam & High Speed Rail

Sea Dam For The North Sea – Is There A NEED? Proposals for a North-European Enclosure Dam (NEED) that will enclose the North Sea have been outlined. The planned dam walls would protect around 25 million Europeans and important economic … Continue reading

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Calls To Action On Climate Change And A Glimmer Of Hope

Continued Rise In Carbon Dioxide Concentrations As the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has highlighted an on-going increase in Carbon Dioxide levels in the atmosphere and the United Nations highlight an urgent need for change to plug the emissions gap, there … Continue reading

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Extreme Wildfires & Global Uprising

Globally 2019 has been an extreme year for wildfires around the world. Siberia has seen many fires covering a huge area whilst near Los Angeles the Getty fire is threatening homes. There is also a growing global protest movement in … Continue reading

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