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Crowd Sourced Mapping Assists Hurricane Responses

Algorithm Assisted Crowd Sourced Mapping Crowd sourced mapping, that is using many people (who may typically be volunteers) to map areas, has been used before in many disaster situations. Recently there have been developments whereby the information collected by these … Continue reading

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Climate Change & Traction Power Shifts

Climate Change Anyone? I was in a pub earlier this week and a local beer stood out: Climate Change. The beer is brewed by a local brewery (Teignworthy) who believe in “traditional values, by sourcing local ingredients from local businesses, … Continue reading

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Strategic Geography & Extreme Hurricane

Strategic Geography An article at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) considers the ISIS strategy. The Institute for the Study of War is a Washington based think tank. ISIS have taken over parts of Syria and Iraq and … Continue reading

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Amazon Tower and Megadroughts?

Aerial Observations There is a new tall tower observatory standing high above the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon creates half of all the oxygen in the atmosphere and the new Amazon Tall Tower Observatory (ATTO) is designed as an earth-atmosphere monitoring … Continue reading

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Sea Level Changes Under Estimated

Sea Level Rises Under Estimated New scientific research has shown that the recent estimates of sea level increases have been under estimates of the actual rate of sea level change. This recent paper entitled “Comparing climate projections to observations up … Continue reading

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Positive Feedback Event?

Positive Feedback Event: Pine Island Glacier Retreat In Antarctica the Pine Island Glacier is in a self-sustained retreat. This is based upon scientific observations from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) who have been monitoring the West Antarctic ice glacier for … Continue reading

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Managed Retreat and Other Stories

Coastal Re-alignment The increasing risk of coastal flooding from rising sea levels and storm surges is being tackled in the south of England through a “managed realignment” coastal plan. The plan is to move flood defences inland and gradually let … Continue reading

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