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Crowd Sourced Mapping Assists Hurricane Responses

Algorithm Assisted Crowd Sourced Mapping Crowd sourced mapping, that is using many people (who may typically be volunteers) to map areas, has been used before in many disaster situations. Recently there have been developments whereby the information collected by these … Continue reading

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OpenStreetMap Volunteers: Professional Mappers?

Volunteered Geographical Information OpenStreetMap is a crowd sourced map of the world. It can be seen as a project that has excelled on many levels: for example opening up geographical information, providing copyright free maps that can be shared, providing … Continue reading

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Vanuatu Disaster Relief

The Context: Cyclone Pam Earlier in 2015 the islands of Vanuatu experienced devastation caused by Cyclone Pam that hit the islands. This tropical storm was the most intense of 2015 in the Southern hemisphere. It formed in early March to … Continue reading

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Ground Truth?

Newcourt Station’s Inaccurate Map In a previous blog post the chaotic opening of the new station at Newcourt in South West England was discussed. There is a continuing chaotic element on the station map that is analysed here. A curiosity … Continue reading

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Slow Mapping & Other Open Map Stories

The 2015 AAG Conference I have recently read this blog post from Muki Haklay’s personal blog. He has reviewed the third day of the recent annual meeting of the Association of the American Geographers (AAG) conference. There are a number … Continue reading

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June News: Conflict Tourism, Magnetic Mapping and more

Conflict Tourism There has been a recent increase in the so-called conflict tourists. This is where individuals, usually young Muslim men, go to a foreign country to take part in a local conflict. There has been a rise in westerners … Continue reading

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State of the Map 2013

State Of The Map (SOTM 2013) In early September 2013, the annual OpenStreetMap conference was held in Birmingham, UK. The conference welcomed users, developers and community members from all over the world. There was a theme of change for the … Continue reading

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