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Revisiting The Stern Review – Part 2

Revisiting The Stern Review (Part 2) Last month’s blog post presented part 1 of an overview of the Stern Review which was originally published back in 2006. This month sees the conclusion of the synthesis of the review. The Stern … Continue reading

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Energy Storage Technology And COP21 Outcome

Energy technology fixes: how to store power? With more and more renewable energy solutions coming on stream, there is an associated challenge of storing the intermittent power that is being generated. Solar and wind power have the most obvious limitations: … Continue reading

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Climate Change & Traction Power Shifts

Climate Change Anyone? I was in a pub earlier this week and a local beer stood out: Climate Change. The beer is brewed by a local brewery (Teignworthy) who believe in “traditional values, by sourcing local ingredients from local businesses, … Continue reading

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Tidal Power Plus Fast Charging Revolution

Tidal Power Comes To Wales A full-scale tidal power generator aimed at showing the potential for renewable energy has been unveiled in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK. An underwater tidal power turbine in Ramsey Sound, Pembrokeshire has been developed to run for … Continue reading

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Malden Island: H-Bomb Test Site

In the Pacific Ocean lies the tiny Malden Island which covers an area of around 39 square kilometres. The island is a triangular shape and is low lying, being not more than 10 metres above sea level at the highest … Continue reading

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Urban Technological Development

Urban Tech? There is a new city where no one lives, this is a city for technology and its development. The city is modelled on the real city of Rock Hill, South Carolina and is designed to allow the modelling … Continue reading

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Mega Trends

On the odd occasion there are people who identify some emerging trends, others seem to go beyond and have identified something much bigger: mega trends. An example is the business partner and director, Sarwant Singh. He has identified a set … Continue reading

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