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Time For “Talanoa Dialogue”

Three Questions The United Nations Climate Change has a 2018 Talanoa Dialogue Platform. Talanoa dialogue is based upon the traditional word, talanoa, from across the Pacific and Fiji that means to reflect a process of inclusive, participatory and transparent dialogue. … Continue reading

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Renewable Microgrids Benefit Communities

Island Renewable Hope The Rocky Mountain Institute has produced a paper on renewable energy microgrids to highlight how island economies can benefit from renewable energy systems. A microgrid can be defined as small electricity grid system which supplies an island … Continue reading

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Divesting And Re-economising

There are two growing movements that aim to transform economies in one way or another: one is the divestment movement and the other is the REconomy movement that has formed from the transition movement. The two approaches are similar but … Continue reading

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State of the Map 2013

State Of The Map (SOTM 2013) In early September 2013, the annual OpenStreetMap conference was held in Birmingham, UK. The conference welcomed users, developers and community members from all over the world. There was a theme of change for the … Continue reading

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Food Talks & Agricultural Changes

Transition Food Talks Having recently attended a transition event “Food Talk” there were some interesting points that came out of the discussion with some farmers in the region. The biggest issue was that there is more and more capital going … Continue reading

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Community Interests Grow

Community Shops Buck The Economic Trends A report by the Plunkett Foundation has found recent growth in community shops. They are increasing in numbers and popularity. Recent figures suggest that they are bucking the economic trend and becoming more popular. … Continue reading

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2012: Make this a truly sustainable year

Cost of Default An interesting article on the cost to Canada of not being in the Kyoto protocol. According to Cambridge University’s Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research (see this link) the cost to Canada could have been a small … Continue reading

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