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European Woes

New Austrian Crisis? Much has been written about the crisis in Greece, there has been problems with the state of the Ukrainian economy and now there has been an Austrian bank collapse. The bank based in Carinthia, Austria needs around … Continue reading

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Risks All Around: Ukraine War and Greater Climate Risks

Ukraine War Risks Today (May 22) the risk of more uncertainty and destabilisation in Ukraine took a step closer. There has been an attack on a checkpoint in the Volnovakha region as well as continuing separatists fighting in the Donetsk … Continue reading

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Far South West Cut Off (Again) & Other Stories

Two Years Before Global Warming Exceeds 2 Degrees Warming Unless there is a significant change in emissions there is a strong likelihood that the two degrees temperature ceiling will be exceeded. A UK research programme, named AVOID, has shown that … Continue reading

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Managed Retreat and Other Stories

Coastal Re-alignment The increasing risk of coastal flooding from rising sea levels and storm surges is being tackled in the south of England through a “managed realignment” coastal plan. The plan is to move flood defences inland and gradually let … Continue reading

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